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piston ring sets and steel rings for special application

CORDS Duaflex has an established reputation for quality of product and service in providing piston ring sets to the automotive replacement market.

The ring sets contain multi segment steel rings and are manufactured for petrol and diesel engines (without the need to re-machine the piston) to restore the compression and oil control performance in re-built engines.

The steel rings conform to the tapered and oval condition in worn bores and each set is supplied with cast iron or steel top rings.

The ring sets are available to suit standard and over sized bored and most of the sets listed can be supplied from stock.

The CORDS Duaflex steel compression and oil control rings are equally suitable as Original Equipment for new engines, giving quality performance and long life.

the range with numerous applications

There's an enormous range of CORDS Duaflex piston rings to suit hundreds of applications.  CORDS Duaflex piston rings restore power and performance to commercial vehicles, motorcycles, agricultural vehicles, air compressors, tillers, generators and piston engined aircraft.  CORDS Duaflex piston rings are also supplied as original equipment to the world's largest manufacturers of diesel engines. Rings for marine engines and special steel rings for racing units are all designed, manufactured and supplied by CORDS Duaflex.
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