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  the History of COrds Duaflex

CORDS Duaflex is today owned by the Mayphil Engine Group, however, CORDS has been making and distributing its unique range of Piston Rings in the UK since 1937.  The first CORDS Piston Ring Company was in fact established in San Diego, California, in 1928.  It was here that founder William Herman Cords developed and patented his unique piston ring design, quickly extending this patent to cover every principle country across the world.  To meet the ever increasing demand for its Piston Rings this was soon followed by a considerable broadening of Cords manufacturing base.

Early CORDS advertisment circa 1955

The CORDS manufacturing plants in Britain and elsewhere made a considerable contribution to the war effort and CORDS Piston Rings were adopted as standard on all the Royal Navy's Motor Torpedo Boats (MTBs) for the rest of the war.  

The range and variety of Piston Ring sets for all types and size of engine continued to grow as engine manufacturers, mechanics and service engineers here and abroad realized the effectiveness of CORDS Piston Rings in giving engines a new lease of life.  

Even by the late 1950's CORDS were far outstripping other manufacturers in the diversity, reliability and quality of the Piston Rings they supplied.  Stories of the numerous applications, the specialist uses and successes of CORDS piston rings are legion, but say one thing time and again: that at the heart of a better engine you will always find CORDS Duaflex Piston Rings.

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