agricultural industrial piston rings

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Cords and Duaflex are both Premier brands in the world of Steel spring piston rings.
Cords was established in 1937 and Duaflex was part of the Federal Mogul AE Autoparts group till purchased by Mayphil.

Both Companies have now been merged along with Hepoflex to combine three popular types of steel spring piston ring under one roof.

These type of piston rings are primarily used for superior oil control in a number of engine environments, agricultural, commercial, heavy industrial and stationary. The finest steels from Sweden and the United Kingdom are used to ensure total quality assurance and reliability in use.

agricultural industrial piston rings

Cords and Duaflex piston rings are supplied to OEM and OES clients in UK and abroad, the Company is fast expanding into highly safety critical fields such as aircraft ejector seats and into a variety of specialised applications in a number of industrial and automotive applications.

Our Parent Company, Mayphil (UK) Ltd., has supply chain operations geared to meeting the most stringent delivery demands of the modern automotive environment and is investing in new technology to keep CORDS Duaflex Limited at the leading edge of steel spring manufacture and supply.

Our main customers are important OEM and OES clients and also major private labels, manufacturers of standard cast piston rings and safety critical suppliers to the MOD and aircraft sectors. 

We welcome your specialist production batch requirements.

Please contact us via e-mail or phone/fax with your piston ring requirement for a prompt response.

agricultural industrial piston rings

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